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How To Start Your Own Dating Site - FAQ

Online Dating Business Questions

Who is my target market?
With over 33% percent of Internet surfers being single in one way or another, it would be wise to assume that these people would appreciate intimate human company at some point. The term "dating" was searched 4,300,740 times in average in a month at Overture.com, and that is just one search term at one engine.
Can online dating business make money?
Online personal/dating services have become the most profitable businesses on the internet. According to the Online Publishers Association "The Personals/Dating category surpassed both Business/Investments and Entertainment/Lifestyles to become the largest paid content category in 2002 with $302 million in revenues, up from $72 million in 2001."

MarketData Enterprises, Inc., Nov. 2002 - Matchmaking social networks have proven big business with earnings in the $900 million mark in 2002. Projections of $1.14 billion in 2003 and $1.46 by 2006. There is great room for growth and new uses of social network applications.

According to CNBC on January 15, 2003 - "Software dating services are the #1 pay services on the internet...up to 87 million in the last quarter, the industry will be a 1 billion dollar industry by 2005"

Do I need to register a business license in order to start an online dating business?
It depends on your local regulations. If you live in the United States, as long as you have Social Security Number, you can become self-employed without incorporating a business.
Do I need a merchant account to accept payment from my members?
Not necessarily. There are many 3rd party payment processing companies out there like paypal, ccbill, gspay, intabill, worldpay, and more.
How can we compete with big dating websites like match.com, date.com, and social networking websites like facebook.com and myspace.com?
These websites are big but their target audience is very wide. You need to narrow down your niche market and target your own marketing. The dating and social networking markets are very large!.

About Our Company

Where are you located?
We have offices in Vancouver, Canada and California and Texas in the United States.
How long have you been business?
We started in 1997. Originally software company who specialized in dating software and dating script. We introduced Dating Site hosting solution in 2003 and developed Profile Network in 2005. We currently support over a million of users and thousands of dating and social networking websites.
Can I visit your office?
No. Our offices are staffed with Engineers and Developers. Because of the nature of our business - Application Service Providers. We don't meet with clients. Our sales person are not in house, they are outsourced around the world.
What kind of support do you provide?
We provide toll-free phone for sales inquiries from Monday-Friday 9 a.m-5 p.m. We provide 24x7 live chat and helpdesk for both sales and support. The helpdesk's average response time is within 30 minutes. You also can send us emails for questions and sales inquiries.

Account Questions

What are the costs to start up? Any hidden fees?
Only $29.95 per month to start an online dating business with us. There are no other fees. Some additional features and modules are available as optional upgrades starting $5 per month.
Do you offer free trial?
Yes. We will refund your subscription fee in full if you cancel within the free trial period. Pleas read our policy for details.
Do I have to pay you commissions out of the membership fees generated from my online dating website?
No. We do not charge commissions. You take home 100% revenue generated from your dating site.
How long does it take to activate my account?
Your account will be setup instantly once your payment is approved.
Do I have to sign any contract? How long? Any cancellation fee?
No. You do not have to sign any long term contract. You can choose month-to-month subscription which you can cancel at anytime without cancellation fee.
Do you have a demo?
We no longer provide demo. You can sign up with confident with our money back guarantee.
Do you allow adult dating? gay site? swinger site?
Yes because we don't deal with your website and members directly, we only provide software, hosting, and technical support. However, your website must be legal in your country and internationally.

Dating Profiles and Database Questions

Are the profiles provided real people or fake?
All the profiles are real because they signed up on our members' websites.
If I want to host my own website, can I use your profiles?
Yes, you can buy profiles and install on your website.
Can other webmasters see my members information if I join your network?
No, each website owner will only see it's own members. Everyone is anonymous to each other.
How do I start without any profiles? or we can use your profiles?
Yes, you can join our Profile Network. So you don't have to start from zero.
If I already have a dating website and profile database with other providers, can I transfer to you?
Yes, just send us the database and related files and we will import them into your new website with us.
If I decided to close my account, will you send me my customers and their database?
Yes, we can send you all your customers and their photos per your request.

Dating Website Questions

What's the difference between Hosted Solutions and Standalone Software?

Comparisons between two solutions
Hosted Solution Standalone Software Script
PHP scripts PHP or ASP scripts
no source codes with full source codes
no technical skills needed
everything can be done through the Admin Panel
required basic programming (ASP or PHP) and design skills (Photoshop) if you want to modify the source codes
option to connect to our profile network which is always active and up-to-date buy profiles and install on your site
hosting included in monthly fee your own hosting
you pay low recurring fee for hosting you only pay low one time fee
Can I use my own domain name, for example, www.mydatingsite.com?
Yes. You can use your own domain name. We provide free hosting and support.
Will you register a domain name for me?
Yes, only with Small Business and Enterprise plan. We will register a domain name for you, it's included.
I have a domain parked at Yahoo, can I transfer to you?
Yes, you can. If you have a domain that's parked at Yahoo or other registrar, you just need to change the DNS or nameservers to our servers. You can find detailed instructions in the login area. We can also help you to transfer for free.
Do I need any programming skills?
No. We provide easy-to-use web-based control panel for you to manage your dating website.
How do I edit the dating website content?
We provide Word like WYIWYG Web Editor that allows you to edit site content on a fly.
Can I use my own template?
Yes. You can use your own template. You can provide graphic files or refer the websites that you like.
Can I use my own graphics? logo?
Yes. You can upload your own graphics, logo, and even replace the images used in your selected template.
Can I use Flash on my Web site?
Yes, you can upload and insert your flash files using the Web Editor just like uploading a graphic.

Dating Site Features Questions

Can I suggest any features that you don't have in your existing software?
Yes. We will review and implement them if they are compatible with our software.
Can I limit the country I provide dating service in?
Yes. You can select the country you provide dating service in.
What are the languages you support?
We currently support English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Croatian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and Japanese. If you don't see your language here, don't worry, you still can customize all the texts in your own language using our Language Manager.
Can I specify what gender group I provide service to? Such as Couple, Gay, and Lesbian?
Yes. You can select the gender groups that you provide dating service to.
Can I setup Dating site with free membership and start charging fee after certain period of time?
Yes. You can set the pricing and plans using our member panel and change it anytime you like.
Can I setup Free Trial for my members?
Yes. You can setup Free Trial for your members for example 30, 60, or 90 days. After that if they don't cancel, they will start paying you.
Can I setup so that Male members will have to pay while Female members are free?
Yes. You can create a subscription plan and specify which gender group can have free access to it.
Can I give 100 first signups for free or until certain date and charge fee after that?
Yes. You can create a free plan, then after you reach 100, change your plan to paid plan, and upgrade those 100 members automatically.
Do you support Google Adsense?
Yes. We do support Google Adsense. You make 100% of the revenue generated.
What programming language do you use in your hosted dating site solutions?
Our dating software is written in PHP and MySQL as enterprise level backend database.

Payment Processing Questions

How do I accept payment from my members?
You can use PayPal or any other 3rd party payment processing such as ccbill.
Can I use payment processing company that's not listed on your website?
Yes. You will need to send us it's website and documentations. We will review them and see if it can be integrated. As long as they provide 3rd party's buy now or subscription button, we will be able to support them.

Dating Site Hosting Questions

Do I have FTP or Root access?
No, for security reasons. You actually don't need them because our control panel is easier to use and it provides everything you need.
Are your servers stable and reliable?
Yes. Our servers are very stable and reliable as we use Pentium class servers and we monitor our network 24x7.
How often do you backup the files?
We do daily backup in addition to the RAID configuration.
What's your uptime guarantee?
Our uptime guarantee is 99.99%.
Do you provide SMTP and POP3 servers?
Yes. If you use your own domain name, you will have mail.yourdomain.com for both SMTP and POP3 servers.

Standalone Dating Software

Can I host my website on my own server/hosting?
Yes you can. We provide free setup and installation.
Do you provide money back guarantee for the software purchase?
No, because it comes with full source codes. Once we provided the download link, it's not refundable.
If I purchase the software, can I use the profiles you provided?
Yes, you can buy profiles and install on your website.
What programming language the standalone dating script is written in?
We offer two most popular scripts PHP and ASP.
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