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Escort software and script for building an escort website and directory

Building any web site is rather easy and in the case of an Escort Agency Website, it is no different. Albeit, the internet can seem complicated, however it is not. With a basic understanding of HTML, and how it corresponds to the internet, you would be at the same level as a developer or a designer. As with anything else, there are steps to follow for getting a website up and running.

The initial step is to locate a dependable web host, meaning there is a minimum of down time. Additionally, as a requirement, adult websites should be allowable. Another issue is to be careful of the hosting sites that are slow to respond to your inquiries. Nonetheless, the lowest cost site is not always the best way to go because they may shut your site down which means you would need to transfer your domain name to another hosting company, which can be a lengthy process so it pays to research in this area.

As for building an Escort website, there are software packages that offer readymade templates for many types of web content. In the case of adults sites we find the same conveniences. The main thing is to provide easy navigation throughout the website you create. Not only, will this catch the visitors attention, it will keep them engaged enough to join. One of your priorities is to offer a disclaimer stating what your website is about and allowing only people over the age of 18 after establishing proof of age.

In addition, you need to alert the visitors that the site is for an escort service, meaning there is a charge for companionship. This is a vehicle of protection against charges of any assumed illegal nature attributed to the website. Nevertheless, there should be some kind of descriptive page about what the website is for where visitors can find updates and news about what is going on around the site. Moreover, keep personal data on a profile page where you may describe yourself in detail so visitors have an idea of who you are. Of course, on your profile page your contact information such as a telephone number and an email address are essential.

Escort Script Screenshots

Escort Script Home Page
Escort Script Home
Escort Script Girls Directory
Escort Script Directory
Escort Script Girl's Profile
Escort Script Profile

You can provide a newsletter for industry news that covers your webpage and the others linked to it. With these capabilities, you will need a strong anti-spam filter installed to keep all the junk out of your inbox. It pays too, to keep the home page fluid by updating information daily. This way, your visitors will return to read what is new and exciting. You need an area where, you display the charges for specific services and what to expect along with rules for the encounters.

That way the clients understand what they receive when paying. This can be a schedule page of sorts where the breakdown is easy to see and understand. Additionally, provide a schedule of acceptable working hours. This avoids the unnecessary inquires about availability. A definite requisite is a FAQ, or frequently asked questions page, that offers additional information about use of the site, membership costs, payment methods, and site rules.

In the same instance, you should link to other websites that offer similar services to the ones you provide. This adds a level of credibility to your site and it can attract visitors from those other services. Additionally, it aids in finding your website through search engines queries faster. Paramount to the information provided is an image page offering a variety of images with constant updates where your face obscured if you decide to leave the industry. On this same page, you may want to past some videos.

However, when posting videos it is best to "stream" them. This way the clients are unable to download them. It is a security measure that allows you full control that keeps your videos from spreading over the web. Nevertheless, when you go to update the video you will have to remove it before you are able to post a newer one. For maintaining all your pages i.e. updating them, you need a content management system.

After you have gathered everything that you want as content on the website, the design can be straightforward using HTML and Photoshop. Naturally, if you feel intimidated by the amount of work that this may incur then find a professional to help with the design and implementation is well worth the expense. Additionally, having the capability to upload files to your website is essential to keeping things updated and current. A FTP, or file transfer protocol, program will perform this function and can be costly. Nonetheless, you need one. There are a few free one but those can be difficult to operate where joining a paid FTP works out the best because they are hosted sites.

Therefore, taking these steps to create an Escort website is getting a domain name, find a hosting site, and design the content as suggested. If you are inexperienced at web design then it will pay to have a professional assist you by looking into the DatingSiteBuilder. This software offers the full package for an escort website for only $99 with free installation and setup. This software package is complete because you can upload everything directly to the site online. The DatingSiteBuilder provides easiest and best solution to begin your online escort business.

Escort Script Features

  • 100% Open Source
  • PHP + MySQL
  • Complete Content Management
  • Complete Backoffice Control Panel
  • Complete profile creation
  • Contact Form
  • Photo Gallery
  • Support multiple photos
  • Support unlimited profiles
  • Support unlimited custom pages

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Downloadable - $99

Escort Script

  • 100% Open Source
  • PHP + MySQL
  • Free Installation
  • Free Setup
  • Free Updates
  • Free Support

Hosting + Software - $29.95/mo

Escort Hosting

  • Ready-to-go Website
  • No software to download
  • No software to install
  • Hosting included
  • Control Panel / CMS
  • Free Support

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